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Healing in Motion

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The parallel paths of both healing and maintaining actual day-to-day life can sometimes collide at one of those crazy, high-traffic, roundabout type intersections. Keeping up the momentum to manage the pace of life just doesn’t always fit with the reduced speed that the mindfulness of healing requires. And then there are the moments when ones healing demands a full stop. A slam on the brakes, pull over to the side, turn down the music type FULL STOP.

For many of us, to get this type of slowing in our lives, or even a full stop, we need a big message. We might need a tragedy, a life changing event, an explosive situation. I have found that we keep up a heightened pace in order to combat the turmoil of what rests just below the surface. The “I’m not good enough” is fought off by being supermom or keeping ALL the balls in the air. If only we can keep it all together, not let anyone down and make it all instagram worthy, then we are able to keep the “I’m not good enough” wound to a low roar.

This tending to our own selves, in real time, is also part of tending to the day-to-day. The more equipped and attuned we are, the better the ride is for the rest of our family and community. Building self-care into the rigors of daily life allows for a much smoother ride on the highway of life. It can be done and the healing benefits impact us as moms, partners and women, all while modeling this behavior for our little ones and those around us.

Start small, add in a minute of self-care per day. Bring your own self to the forefront for a minute. The act of staying present with your self, even for a minute, can pave the way for a less congested path ahead.

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