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Lasting change is within reach.

Coaching is meant to be collaborative. Together we will explore obstacles to a smooth mothering ride. Sometimes these roadblocks are related to current work/life balance, relationship stuff, parenting, or complexities within our own self. Let's begin the journey to mapping out your path. 
Stephanie Morales

Check-in Chat

Find yourself wondering if coaching is right for you or if my particular style might be of help? Please feel free to schedule a no-charge Check-in Chat to connect with me directly. Pick your time and we get on the phone, or video, and find out if we are the right fit. 

With a Coach, you are never alone. Coaching is a collaborative process, full of support and tools to create lasting change. It is suggested that we meet every couple weeks to keep the momentum going. We will meet via video-chat for each appointment and, on occasion, there may also be some homework to support you in increased self-care in-between our appointment. 


Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If you'd like to discuss the difference between coaching and psychotherapy or if you want to ask me about options, please don't hesitate to reach out. Through coaching, we will be digging at some stuff and you will be asked to do some of the heavy lifting necessary to make change. I have helped countless women and men with big realizations, the kind that really improved their lives. If you are ready to get support while you make some big changes, please reach out. 

Trauma Mama Membership

Let's face it, the transition to becoming a mother is tough stuff. You thought you had life all figured out and then this new role has you facing questions and struggles you might not have realized existed.


You realize it’s time to change, but know you can’t do it alone. Your Trauma Mama Membership gives you access to ongoing support and guidance through it all.


Often, it is our own recalibration and adjustment that means the most. Our children will be fine, more than fine, but we may need to tend to ourselves to best support them in their growth. This is where the Trauma Mama Membership comes in by offering you the safe space to tease out some of what has been dropped in your lap.


With your Trauma Mama Membership you will receive:


1. Access to a shared secret community of moms who are just like you. This community is carefully curated and moderated by Stephanie Morales, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. Here you will feel safe to heal and learn with new friends. The kind that don't judge...ever. The “Your Not Alone” chant is one of the hallmarks of this membership and you will absolutely feel held while you move through your growth.


2. Monthly Interviews with The Expert. Once monthly, Stephanie will interview a colleague and expert in all things related to best understanding your pains of the past and how to mitigate them. You will get a front row, virtual seat, to the interview and can engage in whatever way works for you.


3. Weekly “Ask Me Anything” with Stephanie Morales, CTRC. Ask Me Anything grants an opportunity to engage directly with Stephanie, in real time, to ask anything or just learn from the conversation. Imagine you've had a spat with your partner, or a #momfail, during the week. You just want to bounce it off someone, someone trained in EXACTLY what you are going through. Stephanie’s Ask Me Anything sessions are designed for just that! Immediate feedback once a week to address, and get answers, to whatever might be pressing.


4. Daily introduction to prompts directly out of the Trauma Mama Workbook that allows you to get crystal clear clarity around what is showing up from your past and how to carefully make sense of it all while still staying afloat. This program, and yet to be published workbook, walks you through a step-by-step process of how to fix your own SELF in order to best meet the needs of your kids.


5. On-going e-letters dropped into your email inbox providing clear and concise tips and tricks to assist you in your own transformation. These e-letters are crucial during particularly tough times such as holidays, stages of transition for your child or anyone in the family, and/or certain hallmarks within your relationships. Be sure to whitelist our email address to make sure these won't go to junk mail...they are a book in the making and great guides through lasting change.


6. Priority access and special discounts to not-yet-released courses and webinars. Not to mention an on-going relationship with Stephanie so that you can jump into a One on One Coaching appointment, at any time, with ease, and she’ll be able to meet you where you are in your transformation.

Trauma Mama Holiday Survival Workshop

We all know the holidays are complex but they UBER complicated if you happen to be carrying around any historical or childhood wounds. These pains of the past can get easily triggered throughout the holiday season. 

Have no fear....or a little less fear, Trauma Mama is here. We are busting out with a safe space for you to hide out, check-in, and gather some tools to take this holiday season from surviving to thriving. 

Join in with other Trauma Mamas for roughly 6 weeks while we gather for a 90-minute webinar to go over the Trauma Mama Holiday Survival Guide and we'll stick together throughout the holiday season for loads of support. 

You'll be able to:
- Identify any wounds that may surface during the season.
- Learn how to catch the triggers and your particular responses to those triggers that may not be serving you. 
- Gather tons of support from Stephanie and the rest of the Trauma Mamas.
- Get the Trauma Mama Survival Guide to lean on when it comes time to implement a plan. 
- Have a safe space to regroup when you find yourself in the middle of a holiday mishap. 

This workshop has limited space. We get really tight and do some heavy lifting. Be sure to snag your spot early. 

We'll be meeting from 11/15/19-1/1/19.  Hope to see you there. 

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