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Infertility Trauma and the weeds in your garden

So very often, in my work, the sense of worthlessness comes up. Women carry this concept around and it gets triggered in all sorts of ways and on all sorts of days. We work a lot on what it means to be of worth or worthwhile and where this notion of worthlessness even came from.

Sometimes, its just a seed that gets planted but the setbacks of life, fertilize that notion until it grows into a full grown jungle of brokenness and heartache. The battle with Infertility has us dancing between hope and despair and each PFN can trigger the worthlessness weed. Cutting the weeds won’t work, it is imperative that we dig out the roots, get to the source, to finally free yourself from the intrusive pest that undermines your glorious garden.

Our own historical trauma and wounds cast a shadow on your own growth. Dig in, explore, uncover, nurture. Your own potential for blossoming is there, just waiting to be tended to.

Up to 10% of childbearing age women will struggle to grow their family. You are not alone.

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