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Sorry, Stephanie is not accepting new clients at this time. 

One on One


Coaching is co-active, meaning that you will actively participate in getting to the root cause of what your particular hurdle may be and engage in pulling together the remedy. Together we will nail down how the pains of the past are getting in your way and make a

plan for lasting change. 


Stephanie Morales

The entire foundation of our work together is built on a recognized need to support women as they transition to motherhood. Behind our work together stands my 15 years experience and the anecdotal accounts of hundreds of mothers. After my own experience with Postpartum Depression, and having two children, back to back, I struggled to find my footing as a mom. I worked hard to explore and pinpoint the hang-ups that were getting in my way and fine-tuned strategies to assist you in identifying and containing obstacles to being your best self. 

I am a trained Abandonment Recovery Coach and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. After years of treating mental health in new moms, I found that, often, the presenting problem stemmed from something other than mental illness and after working closely with hundreds of women, I decided to dedicate my career to assisting women in a more collaborative and focused manner. This evolution is deeply guided by my own experience and founded on proven strategies to help women make lasting change.


It is my hope that my experience, coupled with exhaustive training and your own self-awareness, can create a bridge for you that allows you to be the best you that you can be. I tend to practice in a style that is very nurturing but direct. I value your time, and mine, and like to use our time wisely. My work is a combo of structure and free-flowing, in order to provide you with both a cathartic experience and steps to carry you forward. If I am ever deemed to not be the right fit, I will always, and happily, provide referrals. Your growth and repair are of the utmost importance. 


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